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The Importance of Clinical Research: Striving for Better Healthcare

By Tim Janssen,

published on May 17, 2024.

In a few days, we will celebrate Clinical Trials Day, a day to highlight the crucial importance of clinical research and studies in the development of life-changing medicines. Clinical studies are the backbone of medical progress, and everyone actively involved in clinical research should feel especially proud this coming Monday!

In Belgium, we have long played a leading role in clinical research and studies, thanks to an ambitious and proactive government and efficient ethical committees. However, with recent European standardization, we see this lead shrinking somewhat. More and more, large pharmaceutical companies based in Belgium are focusing on global collaboration and efficiency. As a result, it is becoming harder to keep the quality of research in Belgium above the global average.

This focus on globalization and standardization also contributes to the growing success of CROs (Contract Research Organizations). They provide comprehensive support to companies conducting clinical research and are becoming increasingly important players in the market. Within these CROs, we see a strong emphasis on efficiency, which naturally stems from their role as external service providers.

While an efficient research process is commendable, this trend prompts us to ask ourselves: during our daily and weekly routines, are we still mindful of the underlying purpose?

A successful clinical study, in essence, is a beautiful example of a win-win situation, where the entire world benefits from an innovation in healthcare, and the organizing company enjoys a financial reward that ensures a sustainable future.

At SolCur, while we certainly wish this reward for our clients, there is a danger in solely chasing efficiency and profit: increased workload and potential dissatisfaction among employees, leading to higher staff turnover. This can then affect the quality of research and the motivation of doctors, ultimately resulting in a decrease in innovation instead of an increase.

On Clinical Trials Day, we at SolCur will not only celebrate our successes but also consciously strive for more innovation. To improve healthcare, we must continue investing in research and development. It seems crucial to us to maintain a focus on the primary goal: improving healthcare for patients.


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