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Tim Janssen, zaakvoeder en oprichter van SolCur werkt aan computer


about matches made in heaven

“What working at SolCur means to me”

Dilek Suerdem, Consultant bij SolCur

Dilek Suerdem

Clinical Data Manager, argenx

After her application for the vacancy of Clinical Data Manager automatically was rejected by LinkedIn, SolCur contacted Dilek anyway based on her experience and credentials.

“I remember this first contact with Tim (Janssen) as very positive and open”, Dilek recalls. After having carried out some research, Tim offered her the job of Clinical Data Manager – on behalf of SolCur - at argenx.

Today, Dilek has been almost three months at a data management project for argenx and very happy that she joined SolCur: “SolCur is growing more day by day, there are a lot of people who recently joined SolCur, and I believe the main reason for this development is “trust” from both sides.”


Dilek enjoys working at SolCur and appreciates Tim’s professional, positive and people-oriented approach: “Tim really supports his people in every way, he is available and is always trying to find a suitable solution. He is also effective in finding talents who are committed to meet their expectations in their working environment. He further prioritizes our professional development and well-being at work. In most working environments people usually don’t talk about private matters, at SolCur we feel confident talking about our private life because Tim has created a real ‘family’ at work. I can proudly say that working at SolCur is a real privilege.”

“Through his way of working, Tim makes SolCur a unique place to work”

Ward Puttemans, Consultant bij Solcur

Ward Puttemans

Data Standards Data Manager, argenx

Based on his unique LinkedIn profile, Ward was called unexpectedly by Tim – SolCur’s Founder - in the summer of 2021. “I remember this first conversation as a very informal one during which Tim showed a genuine interest in my profile and experience”, explains Ward. “This first conversation was followed by an informal meeting around a cup of coffee. At this occasion we discussed my unique profile in the domain of data management more in depth. Tim explained that he might have an opportunity as Data Standards Data Manager at argenx”.

In the meantime, Ward has been almost eighteen months at argenx and very happy that he joined the SolCur family: “Working with Tim is a very positive experience. What has struck me, is that he really takes the time to find the right match. His personal approach is really what makes the difference.”


Ward enjoys his new job and working at SolCur. Besides Tim’s personal approach, he also values his involvement and availability. “Through his way of working, Tim makes SolCur a unique place to work. A good match between a company and a candidate is not enough; Tim really makes the effort to know the people that work for him well and put their happiness first. I am genuinely happy to work at SolCur and enjoy my function of Data Standards Data Manager at argenx very much”, Ward concludes.

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