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Tim Janssen, zaakvoerder en oprichter van SolCur

Tim Janssen

Eye for talent / Professional matchmaker / Life sciences / Clinical Research/ Outsourcing / Recruitment & selection / Long lasting partnerships 


With a trained eye for talent and over a decade of experience, my expertise lies in finding the perfect match in the field of life sciences & clinical research. In a world that is often ran by body shoppers and driven by quick wins, I choose a more human approach. As founder and driving force of SolCur, it is my purpose to build trusted, long lasting relationships with clients and talents, resulting in happiness on both sides. 


A sportsman by nature, I got my masters in Sports Science at the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL). After a first acquaintance on the job market as medical representative, I started my career as a consultant at Randstad Medical, where I soon found my way to the Life Sciences division. This is where I developed my passion for both the profession of matching talent and for the sector of life sciences & clinical research. I quickly discovered the added value of in-depth screening and relation building, in order to create the perfect match. After four years, I got the opportunity to continue my career at Fern Valley, a company fully dedicated to outsourcing in life sciences and clinical research. Here, I soon got promoted to General Manager, leading a team of 35 people. Five years later, I decided it was time to write my own story with SolCur, a value driven organization that focusses on trusted, long lasting relationships, professional growth and, ultimately, happiness. Because I believe we are at our best and bring real added value when we feel valued, not only for our expertise but also for who we are. 

My motto in life is ‘Festina lente’, hurry slowly: deliver results while taking the time to aim for top quality. 

Curious how we can work together?

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