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your ideal candidate is already in our hearts


for companies in pharma, biotech & medical devices

Finding a candidate for an open position does not seem that difficult at first sight. Finding one that can make a difference for your company is quite another. We go for the latter.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the sector and our wide network, we can quickly identify suitable candidates. However, that is not enough for a perfect match. We also look in depth and use all our knowledge and expertise to get to know our candidates and clients through and through. We then only introduce those candidates who are a real match.

Wondering how SolCur can support you? Discover our services here:

Outsourcing & Consultancy

As a company it’s crucial to respond quickly, especially while working with projects. Hiring staff via outsourcing has a lot of advantages, it offers the flexibility to act quickly and takes away the obligation of permanent employment. We ensure close follow up of our employees, both on and off the project. If needed, we take care of a tailored support and coaching, so that you can focus on your work.  

Executive Search

Are you looking for a very specific profile, then we will find that needle in a haystack. An in depth analysis of the competition in combination with an active approach of the ideal candidate are the key elements of our approach. This exclusive strategy is excellent for middle management or management positions. 

Recruitment & Selection

For recruitment and selection of people who will work in larger teams, we use the ‘No Cure No Pay’ principle. You only pay for our services if we actually fill the vacancy with the right candidate. 

Curious how we will create your perfect match?

Clinical Research Professional in office setting
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"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work."
- Aristotle -

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