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Going for that match made in heaven 

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for experienced medical - scientific talent

SolCur creates valuable and long-lasting connections between medical scientific experts and innovative companies. Our mission is to make the best imaginable match between our extensive network of pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies and our valued professionals. We combine our strong foundation of experience and expertise with an in depth people orientation. We believe there’s more to a candidate than a CV and more to a job description than a vacancy. A good match on paper? Not good enough for us!

We build long-term relationships with both our consultants and our clients. We listen very carefully so that we also understand your expectations and requirements. We not only look at expertise and experience, but also at the person behind the CV and always put our candidates' happiness first. This is how we can guarantee sustainable solutions with an added value for all parties involved.

go for a strong & valuable match

Clinical Research professionals in an office setting, celebrating a success
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"A good match on paper? Not good enough for us!"


SolCur is an energetic company driven by passion and craftsmanship with more than 10 years of experience in Outsourcing, Recruitment & Selection.

Founder & Managing Director

Tim Janssen, zaakvoerder en oprichter van SolCur

Tim Janssen FOUNDER


As manager of a CRA team at Novartis, Heidi regularly worked with Tim. She noticed that all the people who were employed by Tim at Novartis were extremely complimentary of him and that he could count on enormous loyalty. “His people-oriented approach and his careful follow-up, even when there was negative news to report, were greatly appreciated. I also really enjoyed working with him. People who came to us through him  team always turned out to be a perfect match,” she says.

- Heidi, CRA Manager, Novartis - 

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