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Tim Janssen, zaakvoeder en oprichter van SolCur werkt aan computer


about matches made in heaven

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Peter was contacted by Tim because of his interesting LinkedIn profile. Right from this first contact, Peter was pleasantly surprised: "Usually, recruiters just ask for your CV, but Tim wanted to meet personally over a cup of coffee. The ensuing conversation was very enjoyable and lingered with me." When Tim presented an interesting job opening a few months later, Peter didn't hesitate to apply.

Since then, he has been working at SolCur, and he has not regretted it for a moment. "In the beginning, the transition from the large American companies I worked for to this smaller Belgian company took some getting used to. Soon, I found it only positive: the direct contact with Tim, the speed at which everything happens, and above all, the warm family atmosphere. Even though we all work for different companies, we still feel like one team. SolCur makes a lot of effort to bring us together regularly, for example, during coworking days or team events. Ideal for exchanging experiences and tips, and for me, it's definitely a great added value."

Peter Verreydt - TMF Manager, iTeos Therapeutics

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"If you are passionate about what you do, you don't have a job, you have a life."

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